What’s Your Harvest?

Aloha everyone! Happy September!

Here in Montana the leaves are just starting to turn and the high temperature is dipping into the upper 70’s. I feel that bittersweet moment of Summer’s heat and bounty surrounding me, while knowing that Fall’s cooler temperatures and falling leaves are not that far away.

I also feel my energy turning towards what is truly important to me, what ripened in my life in 2019 and what I’m harvesting to integrate and apply as I inward with the Fall. My awareness is sharpening, eyeing what needs to go and what will truly nourish me.

What is your harvest? What tools, practices, and qualities are you bringing into your winter time to sustain you? How do you discern them? For more on recognizing your harvest, check out this month’s video.

Image from Pixabay
September 2019 
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