October Newsletter ~ The Friction That Grows And The Friction That Needs To Go (Part 2)

Aloha everyone! Happy October :).  I wanted to talk to you today about a topic that’s near and dear to my heart: releasing to grow and cultivating to thrive. 

For too many of us, we settle. We settle for “good enough” when our souls are crying for so much more. We know we have gifts to give, skills to share, impact to make–and yet, we stay with the “same old same old” day in and day out. When you recognize that there are two main actions required–recognizing and clearing out what doesn’t work & recognizing and cultivating what does–you begin to step out of “good enough” and into the far brighter future you crave.

The “friction that needs to go” is the old habits, attitudes, actions, relationships that no longer fit. It’s both the little things that we grin and bear, and the bigger things that keep us awake at night feeling torn and confused. It’s the job you need to quit, the garage you’ve needed to clean out for years, the frenemy that you know isn’t good for you. When you have the courage to identify and release them, you create the space for new and revitalizing opportunities to come in.

The “friction that grows you” are all the edgy growth places, where you feel a sense of anxiety and excitement, of possibilities that you know are right up your soul’s alley. They require a leap from you, a commitment, a willingness to consciously cultivate the new. But as we nurture them and lean into that friction that grows, we see magic unfold in our lives.

For more on aligning with your growth edge and the courage to release the old, watch this month’s video.

Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

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October 2019