Happy October! The leaves are golden and swirling in the air. It’s got me to thinking, as Nature sheds her leafy crown, about releasing our masks. Letting go of all the ways we hide our authentic selves, letting our masks fall as gently and easily as the leaves to reveal our radiant human selves.

Like everyone, I like to put my best foot forward and be seen as together and polished. But in the work that I do (and the live I live–they are really the same), revealing myself and being vulnerable with my process is key. The more I allow my authenticity to shine, the more I let myself show the work in progress I am, the closer it brings me to my clients, friends, colleagues, family, and community. I can connect from a deeper place, and that’s where the real magic happens.  As I let the masks drop, I can use the polish and presentation to let my authentic self shine more brightly and connect more deeply. 

This October, join the trees in shedding. Where in your life are you hiding behind masks? What authentic expression is burning to come forward? What questions are you living into?  What about your process if you shared it would connect you more deeply with those you love? 

For more on Shedding Your Masks to Shine, check out this month’s video.