FREE Daily Online Meditation – Coming Together to Raise the World’s Vibration
Beginning Tuesday March 17


What an unprecedented paradigm shattering time! It’s one thing to feel in your bones shift is coming—it’s another to watch it unfold by the minute.

In connecting with friends and colleagues this week, I was inspired to create an online guided meditation space for us to move into greater coherence together.

What it is:
A 15 minute live daily guided meditation to create coherence in our ourselves, to connect with each other, and to share it with our local communities and the world. I will lead the group using a blend of techniques from qi gong, indigenous wisdom traditions, and various energy practices.

You are welcome to join us for just one meditation, all of them, or just by recording—whatever works in your schedule.

How it works:
We focus inward to create coherence first in ourselves. We then connect with earth energy and cosmic energy via the sun, which creates a high vibration grounded circuit. Next, we open our hearts and connect with one another, share that energy in our immediate environment, and expand out as far as is comfortable to share it in our neighborhoods, communities, and countries. As we create coherence, we are transforming our own electro-magnetic waves which in turn positively effects the environment.

Our intention:
In creating coherence and transmitting high vibration energy to our world, we become conduits for expanded possibilities of health, well being, and ingenious solutions for successfully navigating the COVID-19 virus challenge with minimal loss of life and economic downturn.

For more information on the science behind group intentions and fields, check out Lynne McTaggart’s The Power of 8 and The Field; the HeartMath Institute; and this paper on the Global Coherence Initiative.

Please Share!
Feel free to forward this invitation if you feel called, the more the merrier!

A special thanks to Francis Rico, David Manning, Val Taylor, and Juliann Pennfold for their inspiration in putting together this series.

May all beings benefit!


Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

© Jennifer Freeman, All Rights Reserved, March 2020