When I feel within my bones the truth of the interconnected nature of all creation, I know that we have greatly underestimated our true identity.  –Roshi Joan Halifax

Aloha everyone! I hope this email finds you well. What a time we are in! So much happening and being asked of us. Are we ready? Are we willing? Will we open our lion hearts–our hearts of fierce love, courage, and playfulness? Are we ready to stop playing small — and realize we are inextricably linked into the fabric of life? That we truly are the Infinite, in form, playing and pretending we are just this little tiny human–when what we are, is beyond our mind’s capacity to imagine?

Ah, but not beyond our heart’s capacity to feel. Therein lies our greatest opportunity and our greatest challenge. My Qi Gong teacher Chris Fernie calls it “seeing with the heart”.  When we see with our heart, we step into true recognition of our connection with all creation–with all our relations, as the indigenous wisdom traditions say.

In this month’s video, I explore how we can open our hearts and recognize our gifts, shining them into the world to benefit all. Check it out :).

Image Credit: San Diego Zoo Animals