Resumes Sept. 1st, 2020!

Daily Meditations to

Raise Your Mojo and

Elevate Our World

Welcome to the Meditation Mojo Community!

We are a global community coming together to create highly coherent energy that we direct towards lifting both our own and the world’s vibration.

Our intention:

In creating coherence and transmitting high vibration energy to our world, we become conduits for expanded possibilities of health, well being, and ingenious solutions. Areas we focus on include: successfully navigating the COVID-19 virus challenge with minimal loss of life and economic downturn; a positive, smooth, and revitalizing democratic US election in Fall 2020; creating higher awareness and coherence with Black Lives Matter; and whatever arises in the moment for us to empower with positive intention. We also become conduits to support the emergent solutions of our own community and like minded high vibration energy workers around the world. We celebrate ourselves, our community and our planet with love and deep joy.

For more information on the science behind group intentions and fields, check out Lynne McTaggart’s The Power of 8 and The Field; the HeartMath Institute; and this paper on the Global Coherence Initiative.

We meditate together 15 minutes a day on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. For some of us, it’s the way we kick off our days in the morning; for others, it’s how we end our work day in the evening. Wherever you live, whatever your time zone, when it’s our 15 minutes—it’s MOJO time!

We began as creating mojo as an energetic community in response to the crisis on our planet during the initial stages of the pandemic in mid-March.


How it benefits you:

Community participants report after the meditations they feel:

  • More centered and feel that they’ve contributed positively to the collective
  • Feel openness, clarity, loving kindness, hope
  • A greater sense of peace
  • More grounded and resilient
  • Feel more energy
  • More connected and more smiles
  • Feel more positive

They also notice “aha!” moments in their lives, including:

  • “I can create space and lightness in any moment!” 
  • “I love being connected with other people!”
  • “Centering in my body is so useful.”
  • “I really enjoy starting my day by connecting in to the Universe and one another. :):)”
  • “Feeling the love within me. Noticing different thoughts in how I view the world.”
  • “Cultivating sensitivity as empowerment”
  • “That I’m able to feel connected in ways I couldn’t have imagined – globally, universally.”
  • “The power of the collective!”
  • “How much I needed this on a daily basis!”


When you join the community, you are invited to participate each month in:

Three 15-minute guided meditations Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Short, sweet, and powerful. We create coherence in our ourselves, connect with each other, and share it with our local communities and the world. I lead the group using a blend of techniques from qi gong, indigenous wisdom traditions, and various energy practices.

—Friday Community Time (optional). Following our meditation, we gather for an additional 30 minute check in, a time for community members to share and get to know one another better. Depending on your time zone, it’s your morning coffee time or your Friday happy hour—and we welcome them both! 🙂

—Additional videos and teachings to be posted to the community members page as we grow and explore. 

—Occasional webinars to explore deeper on Mojo topics that are open to the public for a fee, and included in to the community monthly membership donation.


When it is:

Resumes September 1st, 2020 from our summer break!

This is a monthly membership community. No obligation, you can join and leave any time. Monthly donations are welcomed! Meditations are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 9:00 am PDT / 12:00 pm EDT/ 6:00 pm CEST (You can check your local time zone here.) Except for major holidays and the occasional retreat and vacation :).


How you join in:

I’ve gotten the feedback that the initial community members wanted to continue long term—more Mojo for us and for all! I love it, and I’m happy to tend this garden. Your monthly donation helps me help us help you, helping build and celebrate this community both for ourselves and for our world. If you can donate, please do so here. If you can’t donate at this time, you are still a welcome member of the community. And if you can donate a little extra, please do so for those who can’t right now. Every bit helps! 

Each month, you are welcome to join us for just one meditation, all of them, or just by recording—whatever works in your schedule. Once I’ve received your donation, you will be directed to a page that has this month’s zoom link. If you can’t donate at this time, contact me directly for the link at jen(at)freemanconsultingllc(dot)com.

All meditations will be on zoom. Meditations are recorded for those who cannot attend live and are posted on a password protected members page.

Try it! You’ll like it! 🙂

To listen to a sample mediation, click here.


How it works: 

We focus inward to create coherence first in ourselves. Next, we open our hearts and connect with one another, share that energy in our immediate environment, and expand out as far as is comfortable to share it in our neighborhoods, communities, and countries. As we create coherence, we are transforming our own electro-magnetic waves which in turn positively effects the environment.


Please Share! The more the merrier! The first meditation session is free for anyone interested in exploring the community. Just have them email me at jen(@)freemanconsultingllc(dot)com for this month’s zoom link.

May all beings benefit!

Image by dengmo from Pixabay 

This is a tremendous way to start your day or end your day, depending on your time zone. A way to connect energetically with what is happening and contribute to raising the vibration for us all. Thanks, Jen, for your very significant contribution.

Ann Clancy

Jen has a unique ability to connect people with deep and vast spiritual energy. She is a powerful guide along the path to peace.


Jen’s meditations bring peace and centering to my morning. A beautiful way to start the day. Thank you! 


Jen’s soothing voice and choices of images carries me off to a place of connectedness to the world around me, the cosmos, and most specifically other people in the world who I want to share my energy with. These meditations leave me feeling very positive and peaceful.


Please watch this video for more background info about the meditations.