Claim the Light You Truly Are!

Aloha Everyone! Happy New Moon!

What an incredibly potent time of emergency and emergence we are all in. For me, the past few weeks feel like it’s been a couple of years. So much is changing—and yet so much remains the same. The core principles underlying my work and practices rest on a foundation of understanding YOU are LIGHT. You are a being powerful beyond measure, not some simple local ego all separated and alone. You are a creator of your reality, by where you choose to focus your attention.

All of us are being deeply challenged now to choose love over fear, to recognize the where we place our attention is of the utmost importance. I love how the energy healer David Manning put it: choose your reality wisely. If you are on this newsletter, I have no doubt you are aware of this awesome capacity—to choose what we place our attention on and to see it grow.


Now is the time! We were born for this! We CAN make a difference, by opening our hearts and choosing to respond rather than react, to collaborate and connect instead of isolate and contract. Today’s new moon in the sign of Aries is all about planting seeds for which reality you are going to live in. Are you going to let the collective fear define you and your capacities? Or are you going to affirm the truth of who you are—LIGHT—and move into all the gifts you are here to bring, with love? The choice is yours! Choose your reality wisely, dear hearts! I believe in you—each one of you—and your capacity to truly bring the fabulousness of you—right here, right now.

In this month’s video, I explore more about claiming your light and consciously choosing your identity.

Please reach out if you’d like some support at this time with Quantum Coaching, a Human Design reading, Astrology, or looking at your optimal energy patterns. It is my pleasure and joy to partner with you!

Image: Courtesy of Collective Evolution

© Jennifer Freeman, All Rights Reserved, March 2020