Full Moon Reflections

Happy Full Moon! Full moon is exact today, Tuesday April 7th at 7:35 pm PT / 10:35 pm ET. And I’m buzzing with all the energy! This moon is also a supermoon, meaning the time when the moon is closest to the earth coincides with the full moon.

Full moon time can bring much stirring in our internal and external worlds. You may notice your mind racing, it’s hard to sleep, certain subjects just won’t go away. What is lit up for you?

This month, the full moon is in the sign of Libra. Libra is associated with harmony, relationships, beauty, balance, and art. It is also associated with prioritizing other people over ourselves; avoiding difficult conversations and not being willing to go deep and face constructive conflict to create true harmony; and being indecisive. It asks you to look honestly at yourself and to see if you are sacrificing yourself for a false calm or if you are truly in harmony and intimate partnership with both yourself and your relationships.

Libra is a highly sensitive sign. What I notice during Libra full moon is the sense that the way I relate to both others and to myself is lit up. The dynamic of projection is alive and well during this full moon. It’s a great time to look into the mirror of “the other” to see what’s really going on for you in your own shadows.

For me, the motto with this full moon is “Be kind and be conscious”. With all the other muchness stirred up in the world, getting a big dose of our shadows in relationship land can be both empowering but also a bit more than we feel like we may want to handle right now! Any practices that help you ground, focus, and center are highly recommended. You can check out today’s meditation in the daily “Raise the World’s Vibration” meditation series for a simple yet powerful sequence of practices.

A few full moon reminders:

–If you can, give yourself time and space for quiet reflection.

What is lit up is an opportunity for you to create more clarity by observing it with curiosity. So many times I’ve seen huge subjects come up at full moon that have been buried in my subconscious. The more I pay attention and harmonize with the process—what life is pointing me towards observing—the greater the reward of insight, growth, and inner peace.

–Full moon is also the time to release what is being lit up.

Creating an altar or having a simple living ceremony where you write down what you are releasing and burn it can be effective and cathartic at this time. So can setting your intentions for what you would like to clear and release in your life over the next two weeks of the waning moon cycle.

Wishing you a wonderful Full Moon filled with beauty, harmony, and deep insights!


Image by Jplenio from Pixabay 

© Jennifer Freeman, All Rights Reserved, April 2020