Happy Full Moon! Full moon is exact Saturday night at 11:33 pm PT / Sunday morning at 2:33 am ET. Right about now, the full moon vibe is taking effect. The expansion since new moon is reaching it’s peak. We are lit up, both internally and externally, the darkness illuminated.

Full moon time can bring much stirring in our internal and external worlds. You may notice your mind racing, it’s hard to sleep, certain subjects just won’t go away. What is lit up for you?

This weekend is the time to give yourself space for quiet reflection. What is lit up is an opportunity for you to create more clarity by observing it with curiosity. So many times I’ve seen huge subjects come up at full moon that have been buried in my subconscious. The more I pay attention and harmonize with the process—what life is pointing me towards observing—the greater the reward of insight, growth, and inner peace.

Full moon is also the time to release what is being lit up. Creating an altar or having a simple living ceremony where you write down what you are releasing and burn it can be effective and cathartic at this time. So can setting your intentions for what you would like to clear and release in your life over the next two weeks of the waning moon cycle.

For those who wish to know more about the sign the full moon is in and the qualities associated with it, you can watch this month’s video.

Wishing you a wonderful Full Moon filled with love, light, play, and creative fun!

February 2020

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