Happy Summer Solstice! Tomorrow Friday June 21st at 8:54 am PDT / 11:54 EDT the Solstice will be exact.

It’s a beautiful and powerful time to get out in nature and to connect with this furthest point of solar expansion with friends and family–the most “yang” (outward expansion), the most sunlight, the longest day. It’s also a powerful time to connect with the incoming energy from the galactic center.

Shaman Francis Rico put it like this: 

‘The long foretold “turning point” we have waited for is here.

What we’ve been anticipating as a “turning point” is actually a profound moment of brilliant illumination – a moment of revelation beyond anything we’ve ever experienced.

 There is a science nerd explanation: 

What we call the “Summer Solstice” is our Northern Hemisphere tilted towards our star, the sun.  In the Southern Hemisphere, this same moment is called the “Winter Solstice” because they are tilted away from the sun.

What makes which hemisphere you live on largely irrelevant for this coming Solstice is that simultaneously our earth will be exactly between our sun and a huge opening – a long anticipated “pathway” – a pathway from our position on a wing of our galaxy, looking directly into the central spiraling vortex at the heart of our galaxy.”

And energy is pouring out towards us from that vortex!

With that light, we have a tremendous opportunity to see things as they truly are, and turn towards what is truly life-fulfilling for us.

What lights you up? What makes your heart soar? What do you want to dedicate your wild and precious life to? You are the gift we have been waiting for! This is the day to recognize it, to celebrate it, and to share it.

Wishing you a beautiful Solstice filled with Light, Love, and Joy!