Aloha everyone and Happy Spring! At last, it’s here! In Montana, we’re all pretty revved up. It’s been a long snowy couple of months. 

Tomorrow March 20th at 3:58 pm MT time, we officially switch seasons saying goodbye to Winter and hellooo Spring! I love to go outside and do a ritual of welcome and thanksgiving. Nothing fancy, but still honoring the inrush of new life and new possibility. What new possibilities are you welcoming into your life? What are you ready to give yourself over to, dropping your hesitation and embracing this rush of solar life? Just like these lovely tulips, all systems are GO! It’s time to grow! Let’s do this!

For me, I feel an ever deepening call to bring forward my authentic self and to help others do the same. We are in a time that demands the best of us to address the ever widening spiral of unintended consequences and upheaval as the old ways fall apart.  As we listen to the still quiet voice within, we join in with all of life to take care of life. I feel like when we listen and act on our inner knowing, we are life in action, life dancing itself anew. Join me this Spring in dancing your inner light to life. We need each and every one of us to bring our beauty and our gifts. It’s game time!