Happy Solstice!


Hey everyone! Happy Solstice! The Solstice is a powerful time to practice, to align with the cosmic currents. Here in the northern hemisphere, we are approaching our longest night. The opportunity to go in, to reflect, to deeply consider which seeds we wish to plant for our new year is profoundly supported.My favorite thing to do at this time is to gather with dear ones and go outside, under the sky and welcome in the turning point. If you can, make time to celebrate and mark the exact turn at 8:19 pm PT / 11:19 pm ET (in the States). The surge of life coming in as we begin our return is a wonderful current to catch! I feel like I’m sending out my wishes on the cosmic sea, and feel the celebration of all life with me. I invite you to share in this luminous, powerful moment however you are drawn to mark it. And know I’m out there under the wild sky celebrating with you, wherever you may be!




My dear friend and colleague Francis Rico were talking about this time of planetary emergency demanding we emerge. Whether we feel we are ready or not, we need to bring our gifts publicly. All of life is counting on us. The time is now.In my own life, I had the opportunity to do something I would never have expected—to help facilitate a Council circle based on indigenous wisdom practices and to build an altar inviting people to enter into sacred space at a Organizational Development conference in Baltimore earlier in December. It was simple yet powerful, and I could feel all of life there with me. It was held in a hotel that was previously the lavish head of a powerful railroad company. I couldn’t help but appreciate the irony—and the wonder—that these practices were happening on that soil. I felt nervous, but also more calm, that this was important and I was willing to put myself out there, to represent. Where are you willing to put yourself out there? Where are you being called to emerge?

For more on emergence, you can check out this month’s video.

Photo by Richard Pasquarella on Unsplash

December, 2019

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