Happy Hearts Day! 

Happy Hearts Day! I love Valentine’s Day. I love a day dedicated to love, in all it’s forms. The form I celebrate with you today is what I call “love with teeth”.

 The fierce divine embraces us, loving us open, breaking through all our boundaries and our defenses.  This aspect of love has many names, many faces—Kali, for one. So many times this life I’ve felt her coming for me, sweeping me up and not taking no for an answer. I sat there, watching the life I’d known come to end in a blaze of glory. I trusted that beyond the flames of destruction a new life waited for me, filled with more possibilities than I ever imagined. And it’s true—each time I had to let the old life die, the new one was magnificent in it’s expanded possibilities.

It’s a practice, welcoming in that Fierce Love. The more I do it, the more I celebrate Her and Her fierce beauty. She knows what I need to thrive, what I need to release, what I need to welcome in. She takes my hand and walks with me down the darkest avenues, bringing light to the shadow places I’ve been terrified to go alone. She doesn’t take no for an answer. She terrifies me, She thrills me. Just when I think my heart can hold anymore, She helps it expand, to love more and more and more. So today, I celebrate that Fierce Love, that face of creation that is wild and mysterious and feral and simply won’t let you love less than you are capable. 

May your heart expand on this beautiful day dedicated to love, and may you love more than you ever imagined!

And may we all welcome in the wild heart of creation, loving us home! YES to love with teeth!



© Jennifer Freeman, All Rights Reserved, February, 2020