Happy Summer! I’m loving all the green, watching the plants and trees stretch out and embrace their growth season. 
We grow just like the plants and trees. When we embrace growing higher, deeper and wider, we become truly stable. We access resources outside of our limited perspective as we expand, becoming more resilient and flexible.

When we have the courage to go deep into our shadow, our roots become stronger. And when we go for it—when we reach out upward towards our dreams and goals—we expand our experience of what we can contain, how much lightness we can hold.

In qi gong, we talk about this paradox often. To go up, you go down. We are just like the beautiful flamingo in the picture above who can’t fly upward unless he presses downward to launch.

But so often that’s exactly what we wish! We want day without night, up without down. When we embrace the fullness of expanding in all 3 directions—higher, deeper, & wider—we open ourselves up to unheard of possibilities that allow us to truly fly. 

Where in your life are you being asked to expand, to grow beyond your old limits? What shadows do you need to face? What possibilities of positive growth do you need to open to receive? What limited, narrow points of view can you release and open wider? 

For more on going higher, deeper & wider, check out this month’s video.