Aloha everyone! Happy August!

The topic of “Force vs. Flow” keeps popping up in my conversations with friends and clients. It’s so easy to want to push things to happen, to let your impatience, fear, or egoic ideas of what “should be” drive your actions.

When we force an outcome, it is never without a counterforce. It may take months or even years to come up, but when we try to make something happen, that very same energy we put out comes back on us. You can demonstrate that to yourself by pushing your hand against a wall, leaning all your weight into it. Do you feel how the harder you push the more the wall “pushes back”–aka, your own force is not received by the wall–it simply is fed back into you? It’s the same in our lives. We push against the “wall” of whatever we don’t like: events, other people’s positions, outcomes. Even if it looks like we got our way, in reality, we have set ourselves up for a return of force in the form of resentment by other people, lost opportunities, and unexpected obstacles. 

When we flow, we eliminate all the egoic struggle and return of force. We trust in timing, even when it includes delays or it looks like “nothing” is happening. Like the stream in the photo above, when the landscape of our lives nudges us to turn, we follow. We almost always end up getting something better than our egos were pushing for! Flowing is an art form that with practice you can bring to all areas of your life, for more ease, grace, and joy. 

For more on learning to Flow not Force, check out this month’s video. (And that sound in the background is water flowing through the sprinklers :)).

Image Credit: Pixabay