Aloha! Hope this post finds you well. Are you ready to ride the Spring wave of new fresh energy? It’s time to eliminate to elevate!

In Western culture, we often believe that we need to gain something to feel better or to function at a higher state. When in reality–we need to let things go so our natural state of health, vibrancy, and vitality can rise up all on its own. Letting go may be one of the most paradoxical practices I’ve come across in my trainings. In Qi Gong it’s literally taken me years (and I’m still learning!) that to do less really is to do more–more in terms of impact and effect. Too often, we do too much and try too hard out of confusion or fear, not really understanding what is required to execute a movement well or to initiate an action in our lives. 

Where in your life are you doing too much? Or have too many old thoughts cluttering up the joint? How about all those closet corners that have old forgotten gifts and clothes you never wear? It’s time to start anew! Let these old energies dissolve, be freed up, or in the case of the physical items, move on to their new owners. With each thing you let go–a thought, a belief pattern, an old sweater–you are freeing up the energy you need to create more of what you truly do want, with ease and Grace.

To learn more about eliminating to elevate your energy, check out this month’s video.