Decode Your Human Design

You are not a problem to be solved. You are a Mystery to be celebrated!

  • Do you feel like you have unique gifts and talents you’d love to share—but aren’t sure what they are? 
  • Are you frustrated with the gap between what you know is possible and what your life feels like currently?
  • Do you know it’s time to bring forward your gifts both for yourself and the planet that so desperately needs you at this time of planetary transformation? 
  • Are you ready to harness the power of your design?

You are in the right place! 

My name is Jen Freeman and I bring 20 years of experience in cosmologies that help you unravel the mystery of you! As one client said, “Her skills and talents at probing the depth of human nature is astonishing and all the information she shared with me about my career, life path and relationships will be instrumental in informing how I move forward in my business and my life.” I’ve created my own method through working with hundreds of people, a unique synthesis combining Human Design, Astrology, Numerology, Qi Gong, Ayurveda, and multiple personality systems based on date of birth.

Jen’s work is extremely in depth, comprehensive and above all, touching. It’s as though you get permission (finally) to be exactly who you are; permission to do what comes naturally, accepting both where you excel and shine, as well as where you could refine and polish. This is a great gift. Jen uses a multi-disciplinary approach to create a map of the foundation upon which you stand and then, by cross-pollinating excellent business practices with her keen sense of intuition, she shows you the realm of possibility that is available to you if you play to both your strengths and your weaknesses. Ultimately, her unique work and talents provide you with the opportunity, structure and support to show up fully for the life you were truly born to live.

Cindy Stockdale

Yoga Teacher, Business Manager, Medicine Woman

Working with Jen has been a core part of recognizing and respecting who I am and how I’m meant to show up in this world. I was introduced to the Human Design Report from my Business Coach, and was honestly overwhelmed by trying to understand it on my own, even with the manuals. My coach eventually introduced a group of us to Jen, who helped us understand more about HD. I was still confused, but could tell that she knew what she was talking about!
We did two private sessions together, where she combined her knowledge of the Human Design with Astrology and Numerology, to provide me with one of the most comprehensive analyses of who I am, why I may stumble at times, and how to determine my purpose. It was both eye-opening and reaffirming!
I highly recommend Jen to anyone who is intent on getting to know their true selves. This especially helps in times of transition, but regardless of where you are on your journey, Jen’s insight will be profound.
Simone Griffin

VIce President, Affliate Relations, Homefree-USA

Adyashanti ~ The Importance of Understanding Your Vehicle

By understanding our human vehicle more clearly, we realize that it does not define who we really are but is instead the vehicle through which spirit expresses itself…An often overlooked truth is that we cannot be free from that which we do not understand….By unraveling the confusing and paradoxical elements of our unique human design, we can come into a clear understanding of the human vehicle through which our true nature as universal spirit is functioning.—Adyashanti, Spiritual Teacher

Jen recently presented the Human Design process to participants in a program I’m part of. She created reports for us and it was mind-blowing. I signed up for further in-depth analysis. Her insights and understandings were amazing.  I am growing my career and work/life coaching business and what I learned was so powerful in building the pathway to the next level of my business.  Actually, even more than the next level of my business, it was about embracing the fullness of who I am and what I have to offer.  Her passion to help people in this work was so present.  The time with her was inspiring, joyful, insightful and motivating.  The dedication Jen has to this work and to her clients was profound.  I highly recommend Jen to anyone who is seeking greater insights to move their lives and careers to another level.   
Janice Heller

Coach, Change & Transition Specialist

I have spent a lot of time over the last 6-7 years “doing the work”, as they say. I’ve read and talked and worked with professionals and participated in groups and done countless assessments and used a variety of practices in the mindfulness & spiritual realms. I’m a bit obsessed with self awareness, as well as how I am connected to all that’s beyond my outstretched arms. And I come at it from a pretty mainstream perspective, as a suburban-raised, middle class white guy.

So when I sat with Jen and reviewed Human Design, I was frankly blown away. Her mastery of the field, one that I perceived to be mysterious at first, is clear. What stood out even more is her intuitive ability to find the elements of my charts that connected so powerfully to my experiences and understanding – and to explain their meaning in such an accessible way. I’m still a bit in awe of how Jen was able to help me see into myself in new ways!

Jim Young

The Centered Coach

I love exploring different types of personality tests and tools to gain a deeper understanding of myself and navigating my life in a more aligned manner. My in-depth session with Jennifer was insightful, confirming, and amazing! Jennifer Freeman not only knows Human Design inside and out, she incorporates her years of experience in the corporate world, her mind-body-spiritual trainings, and practices into the session, which made me feel seen at a deeper soul level and gain more understanding of myself. 
Nicole Burgess

Leadership and Empowerment Coach

It’s hard to capture in words the value of my session with Jen. First on just a heart level  I felt completely and comprehensively understood which has had the effect of opening the door to stronger self compassion.  Her skills and talents at probing the depth of human nature is astonishing and all the information she shared with me about my career, life path and relationships will be instrumental in informing how I move forward in my business and my life. 

Laurel O'Sullivan

Life Transition Coach and Empowerment Expert

Decode Your Human Design



In your personalized session(s), after I receive back your intake questionnaire, I take your main concerns and areas of inquiry and look for the key patterns that will bring forth your natural brilliance and talents. I also examine areas that are key for you to refine and polish to greater leverage your strengths. Each session is specifically tailored to you. 

Many people find after their first session they are excited and eager for more structure and support. I offer 2 and 3 session packages plus ongoing coaching to help you dive deeper and apply your blueprint to your concerns and goals. Each package access to a 30 minute “Introduction to Human Design” video. I recommend you watch it before our time together.

For more info and to schedule sessions, see below.

Essentials Package

In your 75 minute Decoding Your Human Design session, we dive right into how you can:

  • Your unique destiny path and how you can align with it in all areas of your life
  • Your key strengths and how to leverage them for happiness and success path
  • Determine your energy type for your empowered movement
  • Learn how to make decisions based on your unique blueprint
  • Recognize your “timewasters” and conditioned tendencies that block you from seeing your true talents

Investment: $395

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Deluxe Package

The Deluxe Package includes the essentials package PLUS an additional 60 minute session. 

Investment: $595

To book your first session, click here. To book your second, click here.

Premium Package

Includes the essentials package PLUS two additional 60 minute follow up sessions. We will dive deep based on your continued interests, with each session tailored to you.

Investment: $795

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