On Feb. 21st, I had the pleasure of co-facilitating an international webinar for Organizational Development professionals on climate change and the field of OD. We had attendees from all over the world, including India, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, and the States. We shared ideas around how we could positively effect climate change as citizens and as OD practitioners. The wisdom, love, and compassion in the space was palpable—and inspiring.

I wanted to share with you a resource we discussed on working with grief and climate change with one of the participants. An organizational and leadership coach, Karen Goldberg wrote a paper about her experience of working with climate change and how she discovered strategies to deal with her grief and still be able to work in the area effectively. You can download her paper here

Many of her conclusions are similar to my own on how to work effectively with transformation and change in personal development. Climate change and how to work with it effectively are long term trends that we all need to find a way to integrate into our lives. I hope you find her conclusions as helpful as I did!

Image Credit: BrylieChristopher Oxley, CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org)

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