Igniting Substantial Change

An Online Course with Executive Coach Ann Clancy, PhD., and Quantum Coach Jen Freeman

Are you a coach, a change agent, a therapist, consultant, leader, manager, HR professional?

Are you interested in upleveling your ability to facilitate positive change?

Or are you ready to take your life to the next level, personally and professionally? 


Are you:

  • Yearning to find real meaning and purpose in your life?

  • Finding yourself in a situation that you can’t fix, control, explain, change or understand with your current worldview—and you’re ready to try something different?

  • Wanting to learn how to navigate the inevitable setbacks, mistakes, and roadblocks in your life with more grace, ease and resilience?

  • Ready to stop measuring yourself against external yardsticks—but instead rely on your internal compass of what’s right for you?

  • Open to deeply engage with your life as an unfolding journey of discovery?

  • Excited to capitalize on your strengths and life experience to be the best change agent you can be—for yourself, your family, your community, and your world?

Join Executive Coach Ann Clancy PhD., researcher and co-author of Pivoting: A Coach’s Guide to Igniting Substantial Change and Appreciative Coaching, and Transformative Coach Jen Freeman in a 2 month intensive exploration of igniting substantial change. 

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You will take away:


  • The latest tools from neuroscience and the field of quantum change

  • Perennial wisdom practices that evolved over thousands of years for cultivating presence and embodying change

  • An evidence-based approach that helps you:

    • Expand your leadership ability

    • Cultivate resilience

    • Deepen your capacity to navigate through high levels of complexity and ambiguity

  • Life strategies based on the new science of positive change

  • The opportunity to shift seeing yourself as a problem to be solved to a mystery to be lived

  • Alignment with your higher intention for positive outcomes

  • Complimentary personal StrengthFinders assessment profile debrief (valued at $250)

  • Deep dive with like-minded peers over 2 months

  • Rich discussion and connection with like minded peers in the course Private Facebook group

The Igniting Substantial Change course came at an auspicious time for me as I was embarking on a whole new life. Not only did the course help me deal with the many changes extremely well, its reach helped me heal my past and really establish a safe pathway forward for me to fill with my developing plans. As a pair, Ann Clancy and Jen Freeman bring something special to the course. Their mutual affection and respect is clear, and soon we were all enjoying genuine trust and openness with one another during the presentations and discussion sessions alike. I highly recommend this excellent course.

Christopher W. Fugate


I train in Aikido where victory is defined as having two parameters – speed and power. I learned in this class that speed actually means slowing down when necessary, because going slower gets you there faster. You cultivate more awareness and presence and can respond more elegantly. I also realized that force and power is about recognizing your weaknesses and shadow, so you can act more effectively and truly create positive change.

Eda Türetken

Professional Coach and Trainer, Istanbul, Turkey

The greatest value of the class for me was setting aside time to focus on myself every week. I learned more about myself and how to better utilize my strengths in the future.

Dianne Lehm

Director of Community Development

This class has been very valuable and transformational for me. In about the second week I had an “aha” moment about balance in my life. Then I did the strengths finders and another moment of WOW I have some talents and gifts that I must start recognizing and using both in and out of work. I don’t know if I would have been able to stop myself and think about these things without this group’s help and time. 

Melanie Schwarz

Director of Marketing

Jen and Ann do a wonderful job of encouraging focus on specific, actionable changes to make in your life. They help make connections between your existing thought patterns and greater forces at work in the universe, providing inspiration and practical exercises for experiencing the world through a new lens.

Shari Cravens

Director, Product Management, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Module 1: Expanding the Context of the Possible

In this module, we will explore:

  • The global shift to individuation and explosion of personal choice

  • Expanding your context for resiliency and building a better life

  • Become comfortable with the power of paradox

  • Humans as generative process–the shift from Newtonian “object/problem based” to Quantum “Process/Life-based”

  • Spiraling—how life moves

  • Access to all our alternate ways of knowing (intuition, deep empathy, direct knowing, etc.)

  • Shifting beliefs–when our belief patterns shift, we change

  • Recognizing your enemies of learning

  • The difference between ordinary mind and expanded awareness

  • The incredibly potency inherent in “Life taking care of life”

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Module 2: Laying a Resilient Foundation

In this module, we will explore:

  • The 5 Principles of the new Positive Science of Change

    1. What we pay attention to grows

    2. Our positive emotion builds capacity

    3. We anticipate the future

    4. Inquiry builds the foundation for change

    5. Pivoting: we have the power to choose

  • Revealing your unique design–how it influences and guides your life

  • Partnering with Ayurveda for optimal health

  • A larger cosmological view–the heavens and you

Image Credit: Jason Ortega / Unsplash

Module 3: Embodying the Change–Bringing in Positive Futures

In this module we will explore:

  • Creating new neural pathways for change

  • StrengthsFinder–Knowing and embodying your strengths

  • Experiencing multiple time perspectives–from Newtonian to Quantum

  • Developing capacity to positively influence self and others

  • Listening for genius

  • Practicing presence and shaping your experience

Image Credit: Collective Evolution

Module 4: Igniting Movement

In this module we will explore igniting movement in your life through:

–Shifting deep beliefs

–The art of the question to ignite generative change

–Accessing multiple modes of knowing

–The potency of the present moment

–Consciously priming change with your attention

–Empowering movement patterns from Qi Gong Principles–Go in to go out, go up to go down; The slower you go, the faster you get there; Less is more; and Finding your bones

–Orienting towards and anticipating your positive future

Image Credit: Gretchen Fox / grtchnfx.com

Course Dates

Course Option 1: Monday Evenings from 5:00 – 6:15 Pacific Standard Time

All sessions will be recorded for participants.

Monday February 26th — Module 1: Expanding the Context of the Possible

Monday March 4th — Module 1: Group Discussion

Monday March 11th — Module 2: Building a Dynamic Foundation

Monday March 18th — Module 2: Group Discussion

Monday March 25th — Module 3: Embodying the Change–Cultivating Presence & Bringing in Positive Futures

Monday April 1st — Module 3: Group Discussion

Monday April 15th — Module 4: Igniting Movement

Monday April 22nd — Module 4: Group Discussion


Course Option 2: Wednesday Mornings from 9:00 – 10:15 Pacific Standard Time

All sessions will be recorded for participants and posted online for their access on a password protected page.

Wednesday February 27th—Module 1: Expanding the Context of the Possible

Wednesday March 6th — Module 1: Group Discussion

Wednesday March 13th — Module 2: Building a Dynamic Foundation

Wednesday March 20th — Module 2: Group Discussion

Wednesday March 27th — Module 3: Embodying the Change–Cultivating Presence & Bringing in Positive Futures

Thursday April 11th— Module 3: Group Discussion **PLEASE NOTE: CLASS ON THURSDAY**

Wednesday April 17th — Module 4: Igniting Movement

Wednesday April 24th — Module 4: Group Discussion



Jen on top of the Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacan, Mexico, April 2018

Ann at the Star Gate, Lake Titicaca, Peru, November 2018

Your Instructors

Ann L. Clancy, PhD., is an executive coach and strategic consultant helping clients to successfully reach their desired performance results. She is a researcher and co-author of two books, Pivoting: A Coach’s Guide to Igniting Substantial Change (2017) and Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change (2007). She has 25+ years of experience working with a wide range of corporations, businesses, organizations, and governmental agencies. Ann is an international speaker and workshop facilitator. In 2017, Ann conducted workshops in Bangkok, Thailand; Katmandu, Nepal; Geneva, Switzerland; and Sao Paolo, Brazil. You can reach her at www.clancyconsultants.net.

Jen Freeman is a long time practitioner of mind-body awareness and wisdom traditions from around the world, including Qi Gong, Ayurveda, and Buddhist philosophy. She calls upon these systems to support the intuitive wisdom that arises when she works together with others. Jen also worked in web site design, and with her Real Estate Broker’s License worked in land development raising $5 million in capital for projects. She brings with her a lifetime of passionate interest in transformational modalities and is dedicated to facilitating individuals and businesses toward their highest calling.

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