Aloha! Hope this newsletter finds you well. Happy 2019!

Over the holidays, I’ve been contemplating our relationship between responsibility and our response ability. Response-ability is our ability to show up in the present moment, embodied, bringing our wisdom and clarity to choose what is fresh and vital. Response is in direct contrast to Reacting–what I find happens often when we are taking on too many responsibilities, both our own and other peoples, bringing our old stories about “how things are” rather than being fresh in the moment.

Where in your life are you taking on too many responsibilities? Where are you taking on other people’s responsibilities? I find those can be the trickiest to recognize. So often what we call caring and concern can cause us to step out of our lane and take on what we can’t possible influence or effect. But when we choose to consciously clean up our responsibilities and cultivate our response-ability, we are freed up in seemingly miraculous ways. It’s like rocket fuel!

Check out this month’s video on Claiming Your Response-Ability to make 2019 the best year yet!