This full moon is the most powerful of the year for revelations from the depths of our unconscious that help us feel, heal, and harness our power. I wanted to give you a heads up on how to harness the energy if you weren’t familiar with this particular full moon and how to work with it.

It is at 27 deg of Scorpio, exact at 3:11 pm MT / 2:11 pm PST. You can find it in your chart by looking for the sign of Scorpio and which house 27 deg Scorpio falls into in your chart. Email me if you can’t tell and want to know, happy to help you find it.

The house will tell you which areas of life are being “lit up” for you. The full moon literally illuminates those areas, and in the sign of Scorpio, will let you know what is ripe for elimination–what energies, patterns, ideas, ways of being are blocking you from creating the solid foundation in your life you’d like to create. 

In Buddhism, this full moon is called Wesak, the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death is celebrated this day. It’s an incredibly powerful practice day. Not super comfortable, but much revealed that we need to feel to heal. 

If you can be quiet and spend some time feeling your feelings on Saturday, that would be a great way to work with the energy. At the very least, keep an eye on your self and notice what arises. And most important of all, do your best to keep a sense of humor!

It’s very easy to get heavy, melodramatic, feel victimized with Scorpio full moon. But if you can recognize all these feelings, patterns, habits, and issues that you don’t want to see hidden in the shadows are being illuminated so you can clear them, you can truly harness your power. So much of our energy is locked up in these areas we keep out of sight and out of mind.  Take a deep breath, and know you’ve got this, whatever it is.