Aloha! Happy New Year and Happy Capricorn New Moon!

Today’s Capricorn new moon is a potent time to set intentions.  For Astrology newcomers, every new moon is in an astrological sign. That sign flavors the entire lunar cycle from waxing to waning, until the cycle begins anew.

When we align our intentions with the lunar cycle, we take advantage of the waxing energy to give new life and direction to what we wish to create. Each lunar cycle presents a unique opportunity to partner with this cycle of creation, especially in the areas the new moon sign is associated with.

Capricorn is the “master builder” sign, and with 5 other planets joining the moon in Capricorn’s sign today–it’s a great time to ask–what are you building in your life? Is it what you actually want to build–or is it by default, based in old habits and unexamined assumptions of what is possible?  6 planets in one sign is a major blast of that sign’s energy. Taking the time to align with the “lesson plan” of that sign is a great way to harness the energy for conscious co-creation.

For more on creating with the “master builder”, please watch this month’s video.