Upcoming Retreats


Join Jen Freeman & Toltec Seer Francis Rico

on a Journey Into Eternity 

August 5 -7, 2022

Beartooth Mountains, Montana

Step out of your busy life and reconnect with the timeless wonder of the Great Mystery!

Join Jen Freeman and Francis Rico on a journey through our inner and outer timeless landscape – rivers, mountains, waterfalls, forests, lakes, canyons, and breathtaking vistas—a journey through the majestic Beartooth Mountains in Montana.

We’ll travel together for 3 days and 2 nights, with accommodations at the Hunter Peak Ranch on Chief Joseph Trail.

There will be an optional Mescal sweat on Thursday August 22nd. Retreat is limited to 16 participants.

Please email Jen(at)freemanconsutlingllc.com(dot)com for more information.

Journey into Eternity is a beautifully crafted experience through the wild landscapes of Montana & Wyoming with a deep-hearted community. With Jen and Francis’ teachings, I was able to connect to the timeless part of me, that still resonates today and enriches all the choices I make in my life.
Emily Griffin


I am so very thankful for the opportunity to commune with the divine – through nature’s spectacular ever changing elements, connecting deeply inward and expansively outward; all while journeying with my fellow sacred travelers.  We laughed, we played, we breathed, took pauses, went deep and then sky high. We were present to ourselves, the wonder of the life and to each other.  The indelible experience left me feeling enriched, rejuvenated and integrated in a new dynamic way, in love with life.  I found my-self forever changed, vibrating newly, refreshed at my core. 
Barbara Novak

Pivoting with Purpose Facilitator and Coach

From the 5 Keys to Authentic Leadership Retreat:

I have done many transformation trainings, but few have so adeptly tackled the process of integrating change into my daily life. Attending Jen’s retreat and learning her 5 step process helped me to understand how to approach transformation in an enjoyable way that actually works.

April Nishimura

Community Engagement Manager , The Russell Family Foundation

I highly recommend Journey to Eternity!   It’s a fun and powerful experience in “practical” shamanism.  Francis is an impeccable mentor of the seen/unseen worlds and lovingly guides us in deepening our experience of Life!  Jen joyfully shares her love of the Beartooth Mountain range assisting us in connecting and grounding in the energies of this magical Land!  PLUS all the “creature” comforts are handled!!  If you have any inkling at all of attending, DO IT!!!
Abby Leach

Practical Shaman and Mental Health Therapist

From the 5 Keys to Authentic Leadership Retreat:

I really enjoyed the workshop! I felt a great peace and an opening, softening of my mental state being in that space and energy.  I appreciated the focus of five areas. Each topic opened up a unique part of my conscious awareness. I enjoyed the way you let the workshop happen spontaneously within the structure and didn’t try to force the class into a preset track. Many things happened in the group field that were vital.  Thanks again for the class!

Eric Ramsey

Luthier and IT Support

Francis Rico apprenticed with his Spanish grandfather, who was a Maketo Shaman. From this early start, his life’s work has been to follow the pathways of indigenous shamanic wisdom traditions around the world. He works with young people, spiritual seekers, people experiencing “unusual circumstances” and shamanic practitioners who study wisdom traditions and practices in his Applying Shamanism Academy. He is the author of the foundational shamanic classic A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty and is co-author of Dreaming Heaven. His upcoming book, A Shaman’s Guide to Practical Magic will be released in Fall 2018. Contact Francis at www.shamanzone.com
Jen Freeman is a long time practitioner of mind-body awareness and wisdom traditions from around the world, including Qi Gong, Ayurveda, and Buddhist philosophy. She calls upon these systems to support the intuitive wisdom that arises when she works together with others. Jen also worked in web site design, and with her Real Estate Broker’s License worked in land development raising $5 million in capital for projects. She brings with her a lifetime of passionate interest in transformational modalities and is dedicated to facilitating individuals and businesses toward their highest calling.