Aligning Your Mojo with the Moon 


Hey everyone! Happy 2020!I decided to change my newsletter timing this year to coincide with a lunar calendar over the solar/Gregorian calendar. Creating with lunar cycles is an interest of mine, one I’ve been pursuing in depth for several years. I’ve found it to be useful on many levels, both personally and professionally, to align with the lunar cycle. I invite you to join me in recognizing that creation happens in the dark! The dark of the moon, that is :).

As I’m sure many of you know, new moons are the beginning of the lunar cycle, the beginning of the waxing or expanding phase of the moon. Setting intentions during the new moon time is powerful. The outward expansion and growth of the waxing moon is a cosmic wave we catch that naturally supports our own intention’s growth. It’s similar to setting intentions during the Winter Solstice, “new moon” of the solar year. Between new moon and full moon is the creation phase, with full moon being the zenith.

Full moon and the waning cycle is the time to let go, to see what our creations are that we are ready to dismantle or destroy. As the moon wanes for the next 14 days, we harness that energy to release and compost all our creations that no longer serve us. The last few days of the lunar cycle can often feel heavy, hard to get stuff done, just plain time to rest. When the new moon is exact, marking the beginning of the new cycle, the relief is often palpable. As last, time to create again!

I will be sending out my newsletter each new moon, as in invitation to you to consciously align your mojo with this cycle of creation and explore for yourself how the energies impact your world. I hesitated for years to track the lunar cycle—it seemed so fast moving and almost overwhelming, compared to the year long solar cycle with the solstices and equinoxes which I was familiar with and loved. But I’m glad I made the commitment to follow the lunar energies! It helps me time key events in my business and my life. I wouldn’t want to begin a new project, for example, during the waning cycle. Trying to expand when the energies are contracting feels too counterproductive. Of course, sometimes we just have to do what we have to do when it needs to get done. But for those times you have a choice, aligning with the lunar creation cycle can be a great support.

For more on creating with the moon, please check out this month’s video.

Photo by maggie hung on Unsplash

January 2020
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